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Farming Experience

Herbal Garden is located at Gold Coast, Tuen Mun. Participants will have the chance to shadow local farmers/experienced Scent Ambassadors to experience a day of their lives. From soil preparation, planting, watering, fertilising, crop rotation and harvesting, participants will get a taste of every stage to develop a better understanding of the importance of agricultural industry and sustainable development from first-hand experience. We welcome collaborations from individuals such as family and organisations such as schools to promote green education, family cohesion and experiential learning.

香草園位於屯門黃金海岸。參加者能跟隨本地農夫或資深香公所所長體驗一日務農生活。從處理泥土,培苗移苗,施肥,灌溉至收成 ,參加者能從每一個步驟感受種植的樂趣。過程中,他們將理解農業現代化及可持續發展的重要性。我們歡迎個人或團體預約,透過互動式學習推廣綠色教育和家庭協作。

Collaborations from educational institutes, corporates, NGOs and individuals are welcome. 

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