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Through cross-sectoral collaborations, Aroma Office aims at solving various social issues by adopting an ecosystem lens. Using sensory-based experience as a medium, we work with educational institutes, corporates and community partners to co-create programmes covering the area of Civic Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, Quality Education and Empowerment of Disadvantaged Groups. We are also specialised in tailoring ESG programmes which cater different organisational needs. 

透過跨領域合作,香公所旨在採用生態系統的視角來解決各種社會問題。 我們以五感感官體驗為媒介,與教育機構、企業和社區合作夥伴攜手,共同建構涵蓋公民參與、多元共融、優質教育和賦權弱勢群體等領域的計劃。 我們也提供客製化 ESG 諮詢和計劃設計服務,以滿足   貴機構的不同需求。


Collaborations from educational institutes, corporates, NGOs and individuals are welcome. 

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