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The design of our purpose-driven workshops stems from the different stages of a scent-making journey. From planting our own herbs and spices to crafting scent-themed products and services, our goal is to not only bring participants closer to nature but also provide new perspectives that explore the feasibility of sustainable development and motivate active social engagement.

Through hands-on experiences like Farming and Scent-making, we support your needs in environmental education, team building and family bonding. We also organise Experiential Bootcamp to foster novel ideas for Social Innovation based on the wide applications of scents.

以整個製香過程為骨幹,由天然種植、香味萃取 至創作香味作品/服務,我們的工作坊期望能以輕鬆互動及創意思維的模式,讓參加者體驗綠色生活,並從多角度了解和探索社區共建的可能性, 啟發日後持續參與。

透過一日有機種植體驗及製香工作坊,我們希望協助不同企業和機構完成綠色教育,團隊共建及家庭教育等目標。我們亦會舉辦社會創新訓練營 ,以香味作為媒介,設計並執行不同的社區共建、教與學和創意思維的項目。

Collaborations from educational institutes, corporates, NGOs and individuals are welcome. 

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