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Aroma Office offers a wide range of ESG initiatives to co-create with like-minded companies to bring added values to their brand presences and a positive impact to the society. Using scent as a medium, we not only create and donate useful products to people in need, but also integrate the concept of sustainable development and equal access to opportunity into their company’s DNA.

香公所提供多樣化的ESG活動和項目,期望與理念相同的良心企業同行,一方面為社會帶來正面影響,另一方面為企業鞏固形象。以香味作為媒介, 香公所與企業攜手合作,製作日常用品並轉贈有需要人士;亦會創作新的產品和服務,把可持續發展和平等機會等元素注入公司的基因中。


Collaborations from educational institutes, corporates, NGOs and individuals are welcome. 

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